%100 Grass Fed Beef

Round Roast                              ​$11.00/lb

Eye of Round Roast                  ​$11.00/lb

Chuck Roast                              $11.00/lb

Sirloin Tip Roast                        $11.00/lb

Brisket                                       $11.00/lb

Shank                                        $11.00/lb

Short Ribs (Korean style)          $11.00/lb

Oxtail                                         $11.00/lb

Rib Steak                                  $20.00/lb​

​Porterhouse                            ​  $20.00/lb 

​Tenderloin Steak                      ​$20.00/lb

T-bone Steak                           $18.00/lb

​Flat Iron Steak                         ​$18.00/lb

​Picanha Steak                          ​$18.00/lb

Tri-tip Steak                              ​$15.00/lb

Sirloin Steak                             $15.00/lb

Denver Steak                           $15.00/lb

​Spider Steak                            ​$15.00/lb

Flank Steak                              $15.00/lb

Skirt Steak                                $15.00/lb

Bavette Steak                           $15.00/lb

Sirloin Tip Steak                       ​$11.00/lb

Round Steak                            $11.00/lb

Stewing Beef                            ​$11.00/lb

Ground Beef                            ​ $7.50/lb

%100 Beef Burgers                  $7.50/lb

Tongue                                     $3.00/lb

Heart                                        $3.00/lb

Liver                                         $3.00/lb

Suet                                         $2.00/lb

​Soup Bones                             $3.00/lb

​Marrow Bones                         $5.00/lb

Pricing by Hanging Weight

When you buy a whole or half cow you pay by hanging weight, which is the weight of the animal after being slaughtered and cleaned, but before being aged and butchered. You can then butcher the animal yourself, or pay a small by the pound fee to have it custom butchered to your specifications.                         

Whole Cow       $5.30/lb                           

Half Cow          $5.55/lb  

Custom Butchering and Vacuum Packing $0.65/lb


There are three levels of pricing; by hanging weight, by mixed box, and individually priced cuts. Some cuts sell out faster than others, so not all cuts are always available. See below for pricing details.

Price List - Grass Fed Beef 

Price by the Cut

​There are lots of cuts to choose from, from the premium cuts to the obscure, check out the list and choose what you like!

Price by Mixed Box (The most popular option)

Mixed boxes contain a mix of beef cuts. The cuts packed reflect what the animal provides, but you choose what gets packed, so don't worry about getting stuck with a cut you don't want to eat. A box will contain your choice cuts like of steaks, roasts, ground beef/burgers, stewing meat. See the order form for all cut options available. Mixed boxes are a minimum of 10 pounds, but can be any size above that weight, with price breaks at 25 and 50 pounds.

                                                10 lbs      $10.00/lb

                                                25 lbs      $9.75/lb

                                                50 lbs      $9.50/lb